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Want to make your hair look gorgeous?  At Mode Hair Salon in Chester, we can apply all types of treatments to a mix of hair types.  Come and see us now and let us select a superb treatment to make your hair look as good as it can be.

When choosing a luxury hair treatment in Chester, you need to be sure that you are choosing the best salon. We provide you with full peace of mind and confidence that our team will look after your hair expertly.  No matter the type of hair that you have, we provide treatments for all sorts, including dry and coloured.  By bringing your hair fibres back to life, it will look and feel revitalised.

Ensuring that your hair looks beautiful all of the time is a constant quest.  Our treatments will restore both body, lustre and shine, making your locks look lovely. 

Here are just a few of the salon treatments in Chester that we provide,

many are available to use at home. 

Keratin Treatment

Does your hair fall foul of frizziness?  Keratin treatments are uses to smooth out hair and produce great results.

Keratin treatments are suitable for all kinds of hair, including curly.  If you want the keratin to be used as a temporary relaxer, along with a straightening chemical process, this is possible.

Keratin helps to smooth out curly hair and can be applied as a basic treatment, which lasts about six months.

This will not straighten your hair but just help to restore condition.   If you want a ‘Brazilian Blowout’, which is a type of straightening treatment, this will relax your curls for up to three months.

Scalp Treatment

Itchy and dry scalps can be particularly annoying and spoil even the best hairstyles. Our scalp treatments not only feel amazing but they can help sort out the production of oil in the scalp and even help improve hair growth.

Whether your scalp is oily or has flaky dry patches, we can apply a suitable treatment that will remove build-up and exfoliate the scalp. Ask for further details about our serums and scalp scrubs.

Detox Treatment

A detox hair treatment will eradicate build-up on the hair shaft. This may have resulted from the use of chemicals or contact with chlorine. Your hair health will be improved as well as the scalp with the treatment even being known to boost hair growth.

We can also carry out Hair Glossing Treatments to add extra shine or Hair Toning Treatments to correct colour. You don’t have to cut your hair when it is looking less than perfect. Make your hair beautiful with a specialised treatment. Contact the team at Mode Hair Salon in Chester today and book an appointment or a free initial consultation.