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Having a  Hair relaxing/straightening treatment applied to your curly hair can be thought of as the opposite to a perm. Similar processes are used but the end result is relaxed straight hair.

But of course no two heads of curly hair are the same so before any type of relaxing treatment can be applied to your hair; we need to take you through an in-depth consultation. At Mode Hair Salon, we have many clients coming to us looking for a relaxing hair treatment in Chester, and we look after each in the same way. When you book a consultation with us, we will look at your hair’s texture, porosity, curl pattern, elasticity and general condition.

Only when this is done can be recommend the best type of hair smoothing system to suit you.

Permanently straightening hair in Chester

Your treatment will be customised to suit your hair, mixing the correct formula based upon your particular hair type.  Where it is finer, we can use a gentler formula so as not to cause damage.

As well as being able to permanently straighten your hair by using a relaxing treatment, we will talk through the options of aftercare with you.  Your stylist will advise you not to use heated hair tools for a few days as this will cause your hair to dry out excessively.

We will treat a sample section of hair to begin with so that we can see how it reacts to the chemicals.  So much depends upon the history of your hair and the precise chemicals being used.  Always disclose your full hair history to your stylist as only be being fully in the picture can we treat your hair expertly.  If you have coloured, bleached or applied any other types of treatments, at homes or in a salon, we need to know. A consultation is essential for this service. Call the team at Mode to book yours. 

Straightening hair with relaxing treatments.