Perms and Perming Hair Chester

We carry out many types of perms at the Mode Hair Salon premises.

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For clients seeking a hair perm in Chester, our service ticks every box.

But don’t confuse the word ‘perm’ with the awful frizz balls on the 1980s! Products and technology have moved on and today perms can be carefully fine-tuned to provide the sort of wave or curl that you want.  It can be used to add body, create rolling waves or even all over corkscrew curls.

Before your perm

Your stylist will carefully assess your hair whilst discussing your perm.  Whilst untreated hair will take to a perm best of all, nowadays anyone can get a perm, even if their hair has been previously treated.

With a perm for every sort of hair type, gone are the days of brittle hair and disappointing results.  Not all salons offer perms but you have full peace of mind that the stylist working on your hair at the Mode Hair Salon in Chester will be knowledgeable and an expert in her field.

Because the process in an intensive one, always call us first to book a free consultation.

That way we can discuss the perm ideally suited to you.  If you have photos of the type of perm you want, bring these along.

Perms and Perming Soft Curls

The perming process

The process of getting a perm on your hair in Chester can take several hours, depending upon the length and thickness of your hair. Don’t over-do conditioning treatments beforehand as this can prevent your perm from ‘taking’. A chemical solution will be applied to break the structural bond of your hair and then curling rods inserted. Afterwards, a neutraliser will be applied to stop the process.

Your type of curl will depend upon the size of rods used by your stylist; the smaller the rods, the tighter the curl generally. How long the solution is left on your hair also influences the end result.

Keep your perm looking good

Treat your permed hair as if it were naturally curly (or straight if this is applicable). Use moisture rich shampoo and conditioners especially for permed hair. Don’t let your hair dry out and condition on a regular basis. Before you leave our salon, your hair stylist in Chester will talk you through how to look after your permed hair.

We can also recommend the best products to use and what to do when you wash your hair.
Your perm should last about six months but much depends on the sort of perm you had and your hair type. In the old days, perms could ruin hair if applied badly but this is not the case with salon perms. We take great care of your hair during the perming process, ensuring that the look you end up with is the one you want. As your perm begins to grow out, the curls will become looser and should turn into more natural looking waves.
When you are ready, and after consulting with your stylist, you may wish to have your hair permed again. Contact the team at Mode Hair Salon in Chester today and book an appointment or a free initial consultation.