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There is nothing worse than spending good money on a ladies cut, only for it to fall below standard.  When clients come to Mode Hair Salon for a ladies haircut, we go all out to make sure they leave with a big smile on their face.

By choosing a hair salon in Chester with a great reputation, like ours, you are not leaving yourself open to disappointment.

Great ladies haircuts in Chester

Just a peep inside our salon will show clients (and staff) with wonderfully styled hair.

For this reason, we have clients coming back to us regularly, knowing that great hair is a done-deal when you choose the Mode Hair Salon team.

On our social media profile you will also see real-life images of some of the styles that we have produced, giving you a good idea of that sort of work that we create.

Whether you are staying with a cut that you have had for some time, or changing up, then it’s vital that you visit an experienced salon such as ours.

Ladies Haircuts

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The best haircuts are always made after a detailed consultation; if you are not able to pop in for this prior to your appointment we can always accommodate it just prior.  We will need to look at your hair when it is dry, allowing us to see the type of hair you have and how it lies naturally.

Where a big change is being made to the style via the cut, we will discuss it with you, doing our best to give you a general feeling of how it will look and how you can take care of your hair at home.

Booking a free consultation with us is something that we recommend for new customers or existing customers who fancy a change.  We want for both client and stylist to feel comfortable in the understanding both have a clear decision on style choice. We will never lead you to a chair and wash your hair before even looking at it.

Images can help

You should never feel shy of bringing photos with you.  If you have seen something in a magazine and think it would look good on your hair, by looking at an image, we can be sure that we are both on the same page.  By having this visual reference, we can also be sure that the cut will suit your type of hair, whether it be curly, straight or something in-between.

It is best to be realistic about what can be achieved with your hair type as trying to replicate a straight short cut on curly hair will just not look the same. Filters on images are very common and misleading especially when looking a smooth light blondes on social media!

Similarly, if your hair is fine and thin and the model in the photo has very thick hair, your cut will look different.

It is important for both the stylist and client to have an idea of how the finished cut will look before the scissors even start their snipping.


Talk to us

Whilst your hair is being cut, if something worries you, do please say so.  It is always good when the communication between us is ongoing as this helps develop a relationship of trust.  Going forward, we can work together; achieving any goals you may have for your hair and ensuring that you always look fantastic.

Contact the team at Mode Hair Salon in Chester today and book an appointment or a free initial consultation.