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Men may often wear their hair shorter than the opposite sex, but that doesn’t mean that their hair should be cut with less attention.  If your last gent’s haircut in Chester left you feeling disappointed, then you need to visit the team at Mode Hair Salon.

Whether your poor haircut was due to lack of expertise by your barber or the fact that they didn’t understand what you wanted, we aim to get it right first time. When you visit for a gent’s cut with us, you need to simply tell us exactly what you want and we will do the rest.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion; you may purely want a trim, to keep the same style or go for something completely different.  Whatever it is, tell us all about it.

Things to talk about

When you sit down in our chair, give us a good general description of how you want the finished hairstyle to look.

Do you want it left long or a crew cut?

Maybe you want something ultra-modern in which case a photograph can help.

If you normally get your hair cut with clippers, then you can tell us which number cutters you normally use, such as a 3 on the top and a 2 on the sides.

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Talk about tapers

When your hair is tapered, the length changes from the top of your head down to the nape of your neck.  Most often it is longer at the top and then gets gradually shorter.  The length of the taper is down to personal choice.

If you don’t want a taper but prefer your hair the same length all over, let your stylist know.


This brings us to necklines. There are three options here: tapered, blocked and rounded.

Blocked – this is a straight cut across the neckline. To keep this looking good you will need to have it tidied up on a weekly basis.

Rounded – this is like a blocked style but with the corners removed.

Tapered – rather than having a straight or curved line, the hair tapers into the neckline, gradually getting shorter. As the hair grows, it remains looking neat.

Tell us about texture

There are quite a few options to choose from here so it pays to always discuss with us before the scissors touch your hair:

Choppy – this is great for adding volume with your hair being cut at a 45 degree angle. If you want a textured look, this is for you.

Razored – if hair is very thick, this gets rid of too much bulk. It also works well with curly hair, razoring the edges.

Layered – this comprises longer hair resting in layers upon shorter hair. Adds volume and thickness so great if hair is thinning.

Thinning – is your hair more of an unruly thick mane? Then taking the thinning shears to it can help.

That leaves you with arches, which is the hair around your ears. They can be trimmed naturally or high.  And don’t forget sideburns, mentioning if you want them thinned and the preferred length.

If you ask for a new style that doesn’t suit your type of hair, we will discuss options with you.  One thing is for sure, you will always be in safe hands when you choose us for your man’s haircut in Chester.

Contact the team at Mode Hair Salon in Chester today and book an appointment or a free initial consultation.