Our COVID-19 Policy

As we prepare to welcome you back into our salon, there are a few things we need to let you know about before you arrive.

Before You Visit Us…

Your appointments will be scheduled on the telephone or online booking service.

Please come to your appointment alone and on time scheduled as our waiting area size is reduced for social distancing. 

We now have over 70 of the UK’s top digital magazines to browse on your device via our downloadable digital magazine platform.

We can no longer hang your belongings during your appointment, so please leave bags and coats safely in your car. If you need to bring a coat please bring a plastic bag for it to be placed in while you’re having your appointment.

Drinks will be available including Mulled wine and Prosecco to enjoy your festive appointment. 

When You Arrive…


Please remember the two-metre social distance rule in place and use hand sanitiser provided. If you do not have your own mask we have disposable masks available. 

Should you need to remove your mask to take a drink you can do so once seated in your hair station. 

We will try our best not to get colour on your mask if you bring your own, but we cannot be held responsible if this happens. 

Our Commitment To You…

In an unprecedented endeavour, we have taken many steps to protect the safety of our team and our clients: 

  1. As a Team, we are taking all the necessary precautions that we can. 
  2. All surfaces including door handles, flushes in our washrooms, etc. will be disinfected regularly using a special medical spray. 
  3. We will be using lots of extra layers of protection for you and our team. This includes high grade masks, gowns, hats, eye protection and visors – we are sorry, but we will sometimes look like we are in a hospital! We have already procured an initial order of relevant PPE, and we aim to surpass the guidelines the NHS will set in due course.
  4. New air purification and disinfection units – as you know, Covid-19 is an airborne virus and even when simply breathing and speaking infected people can accidentally expose others to risk. To protect you and the team, we have invested in very high specification air purification units of the type commonly used in hospitals in many parts of the World. These purify the and clean the air, and are especially effective against Covid-19. 
  5. Clients at high risk – we are aware that some of you are deemed higher risk patients, e.g. the elderly and people with certain health problems. We will discuss with you when we book your appointment any special requirements you may have and I emphasise your well-being is our number one priority and as a result you may not be able to attend the salon.
  6. Extra staff training – by the time we are back, ALL of our staff will be expert in the latest methods of caring for our clients. We will make sure that all the work surfaces are cleaned thoroughly between clients.