Blow Drying

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Looking for a hair blow drying service in Chester? 

This is just one of the many hairdressing services that we provide for our clients.

Maybe you are blow drying your hair at home and don’t get the results you want, or are despondent of having hair that always look lacking in bounce and body?  Opt for the Mode Hair Salon blow drying service and say goodbye to hair that simply doesn’t look as good as it should.

When we blow dry your hair, no matter the length or style, we follow a set process:

We part-dry your hair first
Trying to blow dry hair that is sopping wet just doesn’t work.  We get your hair about 60% dry before we begin the procedure.  This is also far less damaging to the hair if it is gently towel dried first.  After this, we blow dry using our hands and then begin to use a brush, starting at the roots (not the tips).

Adding lift
Because we start at the roots, we are able to add volume and lift.  Carefully bringing the roots up, we apply heat.

Beginning at the top
If you watch many women blow drying their own hair, they begin at the tips; roll hair around the brush and blast with the hottest air they can stand.  This is not only an incorrect method but it takes much longer for the hair to dry.  When our stylists blow dry, they begin at the top, roll the brush to the ends and then go back up to the roots; heat should then be applied at the hairline.  By the time your hair begins to dry at the roots and further down, the ends should be drying too. The ends are dried last of all with the brush.

Blow Drying in Mode Chester

Using the best products correctly

We not only use the best quality products but they are always applied correctly.  Applying too much product to your hair can be as bad as using none.  For volume, product goes in at the roots. If hairspray is to be applied, it should be sprayed lightly and from a distance.  Applying a dense heavy spray of any product or hairspray creates build up that not only looks bad but causes the hair to collapse.

Before we apply any blow drying product, we will carefully assess your type of hair, as well as the final style you want to end up with.

Using the right type of brush

Smaller brushes can be used to create more detail. Metal core brushes will heat up so hair must never be over-dried as this can cause damage. We will choose the right type of brush to suit your hair and the end look.

You will also notice that your stylist will let each section cool down before moving onto the next. This ensures that the style lasts much longer as the hair can ‘set’. They will likely also use a nozzle as this helps to focus the heat on the cuticle to give a sleeker look.

The end result? Perfectly blow dried hair that looks amazing! Contact the team at Mode Hair Salon in Chester today and book an appointment or a free initial consultation.